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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

“David Taylor has been our accountant for 3 years.. He handles our business accounts and annual returns as well as our personal ones, including weekly payroll. David is professional and knowledgeable. He has given us advice which has been most helpful, and the few times we have had questions he couldn’t answer himself, he quickly obtained the answers for us from his network of colleagues. All of our returns have been filed in a timely manner (which we cannot say of the larger accountancy firm who preceded him in preparing our accounts). The weekly payroll is regular as clockwork, even when he is on holiday.

We can recommend David Taylor’s services without reservation; we have been very happy with him.“

David and Anne Watts – Owners of Four Gables (luxury B&B)

“David helped me set up my consulting business in November 2011. He provided excellent advice at start up and gave me the confidence to get the business underway. Once operational, he helped me get my invoicing, payroll and VAT processes going and made sure I was always on top of all my dealings with HMRC. At year end, he made the preparation of final accounts straightforward and provided clear guidance on both corporate and personal taxation. I would be happy to recommend David to other professional services businesses as he has certainly helped me get my business up and running successfully.”

Karen Flannigan – Managing Director of Karen Flannigan Consulting Ltd

“I would like to express my appreciation to you for the help and assistance you have given me over the last 11 years, while you were a non-executive Financial Director and Company Secretary of my Company. It was of inestimable value to myself to be able to call on your expertise, which was clearly far in excess of that existing in our SME. You willingly took on the duties of ensuring we had proper and relevant Board meetings, negotiations with other Stakeholders (in particular Financial Institutions and Vehicle Manufacturers). Your clarity of thought and analytical approach was much appreciated.

Your skills in rapidly understanding Financial Accounts, setting clear objectives and monitoring Company performance against these objectives, kept us focused on the issues that were relevant.
In particular your “no-nonsense” approach not only to myself but also to our staff, was not confrontational and hence earned you respect not only from myself but also from other Company personnel with whom you interacted.

I wish we had had the relationship many years earlier as I could have avoided (or recognised earlier) many of the mistakes, some of which were costly, which in retrospect we all make.”

Neal Arundale – Ex Chairman of the Arundale Group

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